Friday, October 23, 2015

Fall in Seagrove Beach

For the first time in many years we took a trip to Seagrove Beach, our regular summer vacation destination, for fall break. The first couple of days were cloudy, but it cleared up after that for nice days with highs around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Behind Sarah you can see where a small stream drains to the ocean, and it turned out to be a focal point for nearby children the whole week as the family next to us diverted the stream to make an island out of their seating area on the beach.
We saw this sailboat a couple of times while we were on the beach.
We spent some time at the pool during the first couple of days, when it was a bit cooler and more windy. In the summer the pools saw a lot of action, but Sarah was the only kid in the pool on this trip.
The condo we rented had a lot of good pool and beach equipment, including chairs, an umbrella and this boogie board, which Sarah got a lot of use out of.
Sarah made friends with a girl her age who was a member of the island-building family next to us, and it turned out they were Nashvillians, so Sherry went over to speak Nashvillian with them. They were really nice folks, and let Sarah try out their paddleboard, which she got a kick out of.
We had a fair amount of lazy time around the condo, and Sherry spent some of it reading on the porch, which we adorned with the Jolly Roger.
I caught this sunset Moday night, and you can see the clouds already starting to break. The sun came out Tuesday, much to our delight.