Saturday, October 24, 2015

More Floridays in Fall

Stealing an idea I got from a lady last summer at the beach, I took this picture one morning on my way down to the beach to set up some chairs to claim a spot so I could send it home to Mom, Leslie and Laura with the caption "My morning commute." In the old days, we called this kind of thing an eat-your-heart-out call, although mine was by text.
Sarah protested her sun hat, but her mother prevailed. I like a funky beach hat, and think this one has some cool personality. You can see the child got some sun while we were down there.
I took this picture of Sherry on Lulu's beach, the back yard of Lucy Buffett's new restaurant in Destin. More on that later.
This small spot on the beach is where we spent most of our fall break. We are mountain folk, and are endlessly fascinated by the waves, birds and people on the beach.
Skippy, our faithful vacation rat, patrols the shoreline of Florida, keeping it safe for democracy.
We also spent money at Lucy Buffett's brother Jimmy's restaurant, a little place called Margaritaville, in Panama City. Sarah wanted an airbrush shirt, and the girls drove to Panama City to get one. They sent me this picture just as the Hemisphere Dancer, the airplane above them, prepares to ditch the last shaker of salt out of the disco ball. I would have loved to have shared a meal at Margaritaville with them, but I'm glad I didn't spend the better half of a day driving to Panama City and back.
As I mentioned in a previous post, Sarah struck up a friendship with a girl her age at the beach, and Sherry schmoozed up her family as a fellow Nashvillian. The grandfather of the family, pictured with me here, was very familiar to me, but I could not place him and pondered it the whole first day. I finally concluded that he was a court officer I had worked with in Davidson County Juvenile Court. I sheepishly asked his daughter the next morning if her dad worked for the courts, and she confirmed that he did. It was fun to catch up with Bob, who was and is a colorful character and devoted father and grandfather, the patriarch of his family. (Neither of us looks like this when we are in court.)
My womenfolk are at a loss on vacation with no kitties to shower with affection. I met this cat on my way back from setting up our chairs one morning, and took this picture to show them what they missed by sleeping in.
Umbrella frog at the pool
Skippy the rat, wild man that he is, picked up this chick, known as Trasha, at the beach. He's quite the ladies' rat.
Calm waters and a beautiful sunset over Seagrove Beach