Sunday, November 29, 2015

Franklin County Thanksgiving

We spent Thanksgiving, as we spent many of them in our younger days, in Franklin County, where my dad grew up, and where we visited Grandmother and Granddaddy Ogle several times a year as kids and young adults. In addition to lodging at our family cabin in Estill Springs, we rented a cabin at Tims Ford State Park in order to have the use of a modern kitchen for our turkey and fixin's.
This is beautiful Tims Ford Reservoir, where Granddaddy and his neighbor Robert Jones took me fishing as a lad. Robert had a little John boat, and we fished from the banks a lot, too. I learned a lot of fishing techniques from those two gentlemen, as well as an appreciation of the quiet camaraderie of a day of lake fishing.
Jake brought his fishing gear and tried his luck for a bit, but had no more than a bite. I started to bring my equipment, but Sherry didn't think Jake was going to bring his, so I put it back up.
I was surprised to see this wreck in the woods between the reservoir and the cabins, but Sherry took advantage of it for a photo op.
Sarah pops up from the den area to check on progress in the kitchen.
Joey, my cousin Kinsey and Jake watch some obligatory Thanksgiving day football.
Mom, Sherry, Frances Ann and Clint work to prepare our feast. Fran is my dad's first cousin, and Clint, Kinsey's dad, is her erstwhile spouse. I had not seen Clint in over twenty years, so it was nice to catch up with him. Fran was her usual entertaining self, and she came prepared with a couple of nice pieces to read in honor of Thanksgiving.
Although I am accustomed to carving the Thanksgiving turkey, I felt it appropriate to defer to Clint as the senior male present, and he wielded my electric knife with precision and skill, losing no fingers in the process.
Joey, ever health-conscious, tosses the salad while trying to ignore the starchy goodness of the vat of Fran's mashed potatoes nearby.
After our feast, we drove as a caravan through the countryside to the Camp, our little place on the Dry Branch of Taylor Creek, for a bonfire. Les, me, Kinsey, Fran and Laura pose for a cousin-rama picture. For the record, as Dad's first cousin, Fran is our first cousin once removed (by a generation). Kinsey and his sister, Kelly, are our second cousins.