Monday, November 16, 2015

Gatlinburg Birthday Weekend

We spent the weekend in Gatlinburg to celebrate Laura and Leslie's 50th birthday and Sarah's 12th birthday. La rented the Owners' Club in Chalet Village, which is just up the road from her two A-Frame rental chalets on Ski Mountain Road. We stayed on the other end of town at Cozy Creek and had a nice blaze in the fire pit Friday night. As part of her birthday, Sarah invited her friend Grace to come with us.
This is a good view of the main room in the club house. 
Grace, Sarah and Grace quickly established the kids' room, which was very upscale.
The club house has a nicely furnished kitchen, although we had Buddy's cater the event. Rhonda and Laura made use of the kitchen to fix appetizers and snacks.
David Landeo provided entertainment, although I didn't get any good pictures of his performance. We've been going to see him in various venues around Knoxville for years, and he still puts on a great show. He's a heck of a nice guy, too.
Jake brought his girlfriend Ella to meet us. She was very nice, and they seem to enjoy each other's company.
Here are Sherry, Joey and Robert. Rob and his wife Jen came over the mountains from North Carolina for the festivities. It was the first time we met Jen, and she was a surprisingly rational and sane person.
Jane and Leslie, Dave Landeo groupies for many years, enjoy his most recent performance.
Angelyn and Chris, were in attendance as part of the Blount County contingent representing the fine municipality of Louisville.
Sarah takes advantage of some grandmother love.
Jen, Grace and Dana pose for a snapshot. Leslie and Laura and Dana went to high school together.
Dave is a solo act, but he handed out tambourines to encourage audience participation.
The Parkway just started their annual Winterfest lighting, and it was very pretty on the ride back to Cozy Creek from the club house.