Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Early Christmas Celebration at Mom's

Here are a few pictures my sister Leslie took of our early Christmas gathering at Mom's on Sunday. As I noted earlier, Laura, Stewart and Grace will spend much of the holidays in Canada visiting with Stewart's family. Here, Sarah and Les pose on Mom's sofa.
Mom and I pose by her front door.
Laura and Leslie hard at work on our first feast of the Christmas season. Chicken Duxelle is one of those affairs where you pound chicken breasts flat and roll them around a filling, in this case mushrooms and Gruyere cheese. They used toothpicks to hold them together, which worked, but we all agreed some kitchen twine would answer much better.
Sarah unfathomably uses her cousin as a leaning post. Fortunately, the amiable Gracie didn't seem to mind.
Cousins clowning around at Christmas celebrations is an old tradition in our family, and the present generation keeps hamming it up like we did at their age.