Sunday, December 6, 2015

Knoxville Mercury Article on Eagleton and East Maryville

I read a good article in the Knoxville Mercury this week featuring various businesses, mostly eateries, in the Eagleton and East Maryville areas along East Broadway between Pellissippi Parkway and Five Points. Five Points is two blocks down the hill from our house, so we're familiar with these businesses. One of the things I learned from the article, though, was that La Lupita, the nice new Mexican store near the ballfields, serves tacos. I thought they were just a small grocery store. Also, following the links in the article I learned that Jamaican Sunrise, pictured above, and Aroma Cafe, a Cuban restaurant have added some interesting new items to their menus since the last time I've been to either establishment, which admittedly has been quite a while.

I was sorry that the article didn't mention Margaritas Mexican Restaurant, which is in the strip mall anchored by Food City on East Broadway, and which we patronize from time to time. It did mention the old Kentucky Fried Chicken building that now houses a church, but did not comment that it also used to house a wonderful local butcher shop that was a favorite for loading up with fresh meat on the way to the mountains for camping trips when I was a kid. Now we have Mother Earth Meats, which opened just recently, to fill that niche.