Sunday, January 10, 2016

Down on the Farm

After our travels last weekend, we are happy to be back in East Tennessee this weekend. Sarah's theater group, Primary Players, is rehearsing for their production of The Little Mermaid, Jr., to be staged at the Clayton Center for the Arts the weekend of February 5 through 7. They usually stage a couple of shows at local schools as well. There's more information at the link for those interested in tickets.

Yesterday after rehearsal and lunch we drove out Montvale Road to our friends Tom and Denise's house so the girls could help Denise put together some of the costumes for the show. Although Sarah's role is Arista, one of Ariel's mermaid sisters, she modeled this seagull costume.
Tom and Denise live on a beautiful farm, and Sarah had a good time throwing a tennis ball for their dog. The ball, and therefore the dog, ended up in this pond quite a bit.
These turkeys have taken up residence at the farm, and seem quite tame. It was cool to be able to observe them up close.

UPDATE:  Here is Sarah in her outfit as Arista, sister of the Little Mermaid.