Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Restaurant Review -- Flip Burger Boutique, Nashville, Tennessee

When we were in Nashville during the New Year holiday, Jake suggested we have lunch at Flip Burger Boutique, 4111 Charlotte Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee. Upscale burgers have become increasingly popular, and in 2012 I sampled the trend at the Burger Up location at Cool Springs in Franklin.

I had the Lamburger, which was delicious and more than enough for lunch, although we had their sweet tater tot appetizer. It has a light marshmallow dipping sauce that was quite nice. This is a fancy joint and because of that quite pricey.  Our tab including tip was just over $100.00.
I make this observation. I should convince Jake not to do the duck face, and he should convince me not to wear overalls in an upscale hipster burger boutique. Generational angst.