Saturday, January 23, 2016


After a very mild beginning to winter, we have had our first snow of the season this week here in East Tennessee. The first batch came through Tuesday and then another system moved in last night and is still giving us some snow, although it seems to be fading out.
Two years ago Sarah broke her leg sledding down our back yard in almost the same place as she is in this picture. She learned her lesson and is much more cautious, but the blue sled got a hole torn in it when our neighbor kid crashed it into one of the railroad ties that line our driveway. Fortunately, Maryville Fastener had some sleds left, and Sarah selected this orange one. I still want to buy her a runner sled, but they are very expensive new for the amount of use she'd get out of it. I hope to find one at a garage sale for cheap.
We haven't been outside yet today, so these are pictures from earlier in the week. Forest Avenue in front of our house is clear, and traffic seems to be passing well down on East Broadway Avenue. I'm sure Sarah will want to get out and play in the snow some more, and I need to knock the snow off of our cars, so I'm sure we'll bundle back up and go back up again before long. I've got a beef chuck roast to warm us back up later on.