Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Estill Springs Declared Boring

Our local CBS affiliate has an article on its website that lists what someone considers Tennessee's ten most boring places.  It lists our beloved Estill Springs, home to our grandparents' cabin, as the sixth most boring place in the state. My first response was righteous indignation. How dare they besmirch such a wonderful little town! I've certainly had fun every time I've visited, and I've been going there since I was a toddler.

Upon further reflection, maybe it is not such a bad idea that people who don't know some of our state's smaller communities think that they are boring. It wasn't too long ago that you had to walk up to the highway to get cell phone signal at the Camp, something I delighted in until they erected a new tower nearby, and we've only had access to pizza delivery for maybe three or four years. I value that relative isolation as a respite.

If you're looking for nightlife outside of bonfires and lightning bugs, Estill Springs probably isn't for you. Country life and city life are quite different, and while I've lived in mostly suburban settings, I cherish the slower pace and quietude of the woods, and especially our creek, pictured above. Boring? Not if you know what to appreciate.