Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Last Tellico Camping Photos

Sarah killed a lot of time during our camping trip finger weaving rubber band bracelets for family and friends. This picnic table was her weaving spot.
Because it is so early in the season and because Tellico is rather remote, firewood was easy to come by, and we had a good blaze both nights we were in the woods.

While gathering firewood, I encountered this notice warning about the possibility of prescribed burning in the area, which we witnessed upon our departure.
Both of these pictures show the North River in relation to our campsite. As you can see, all you had to do was to walk down to the water, and there was a good beach area from which to access it for wading or to gather water for camp. There is no drinking water available at the North River campground, but it is available at the checking station about a mile away. We used river water for cleaning hands and dishes, and we had drinking water from home.

This is the first time I have encountered this creature, a Ruffed Grouse. Two of them were sauntering down the road until the proximity of my car sent them flying into the woods. They are prized game birds.