Sunday, March 13, 2016

Return of Boongablogger

My poor blog has been dormant for some time now, largely because my stepson Jake moved in with us a couple of weeks ago, and our upstairs bonus room that serves as our home office also serves as the boys' bedroom when one or both of them are here. The lad got a job recently working at the nearby Firehouse Subs store, and on Friday got a second job down the hill at Foothills Bakery at Five Points, so he's been working his tail off, which is good for him. He's pulling a 9 to 4 shift at Firehouse today.

Sherry spent several hours yesterday working on our metal patio furniture. She painted it a couple of years ago without primer, and the paint is coming off of it in tiny pieces that stick to you when you sit on the chairs. Upon the suggestion of a friend, we bought a wire brush that fits into our electric drill, and it does a good job of taking paint off and roughing up what it doesn't remove so that it will take paint better. She got the table done yesterday, and this time around she's using primer. Today it is raining, and that project is better done outdoors, so we're going to work on putting new contact paper in our cupboards.