Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Spring Trip to Hillside Cottage

Our family gathered at the Camp last weekend to open up the cabin for the season and to evaluate work to be done on the place in the coming months. Sherry, Sarah and I drove in from Maryville Friday evening, and Jake drove down from Nashville, arriving about an hour after we did. Joey joined us Saturday.
We're going to have to address the plant life this season, I suspect. We'd let it grow up and dropped trees around the property to discourage the people across the creek from riding four-wheelers on our property and tearing it up. We met the owner of that house this weekend, and those folks were renters who had torn up his house and land as well.
There's no one happier than a mother with all of her kids in one place, which gets rarer and rarer as they get older.
Jake got out my Sven saw, and all three of the kids worked on cutting firewood for our bonfire down by the creek. I highly recommend the saw, especially for hiking.
We had a first this weekend, at least for us, and had pizza by the creek. We've been able to order pizza from Papa Johns for some years now, but I try to resist it in favor of grilling out. On Saturday afternoon, the will of the group called for pizza by the creek.
Sarah, ever the board game promoter, got us to play Cranium both nights.