Friday, July 29, 2016

A Few More Cabin Pictures

Here's the last batch of pictures from our trip to Estill Springs, including this view of the cabin from the creek.
The screened porch is a nice place to lounge, though it's ceiling needs painting, which can be done now that we put a new roof on the house. Although the house has had plumbing since the Eighties, I still like to fill up the basin on the shelf in the background with water to wash my hands like we did back before my grandparents had plumbing installed.
In my opinion, the best place to hang out when you are at the Camp is in lawn chairs sitting in the creek so the cool water and breeze will fight off the summer heat for you.
The tunnel created by the overpass is a favorite with kids because it has a dark, scary element to it. It is also a great place to set off fireworks.

Sarah relaxes sitting on the lower bunk of the bunk beds.
This is the wallpaper in the bedroom. Grandmother Ogle was the queen of floral wallpaper. The upstairs bedroom in her house in Winchester where I always slept had rose wallpaper.