Sunday, July 17, 2016

Middle Tennessee Summer Weekend

We spent the weekend in Middle Tennessee, beginning with a trip to Nashville to see Flight of the Conchords, an act Sherry bought tickets for a couple of months ago. She's a big fan and has wanted to see them for the past couple of years. I would describe them as a musical comedy act, and they are very entertaining.  Like Monte Python, they are an acquired taste. It kind of takes you time to get in on the joke. Before the show, we had supper at Rock Bottom restaurant. I took these photos from where we dined on their upstairs patio. Above is a view of the Nissan Stadium with the Cumberland River in front of it.
This is the view up Broadway from our seats.
It is not unusual for us to see tugboats at Grams house in west Nashville, where she lives on a bluff high above the Cumberland, but I don't get to see them on the river downtown very often any more.

We woke up the morning after the show and drove to Grandmother and Granddaddy's cabin in Estill Springs, which we lovingly refer to as The Camp. My hope was to at least pressure wash the deck out there and to perhaps begin painting it, but Sherry, Sarah and I put two coats on it and polished off that project completely. Despite some hard work, we still had sufficient down time to enjoy hanging out in lawn chairs in the middle of the creek. I'll put up some pictures from The Camp in the days to come.