Wednesday, July 6, 2016

More Seagrove Beach Pics

Here are a few more pictures from our recent beach trip. During several of our days down there this summer, the water was as clear as a mountain stream. Most mornings began on the patio watching the waves roll in.
Les and Sarah have been playing some tennis, although they had to curtail it last year after Leslie broke a foot. They batted a few tennis balls around one morning at the Beachwood tennis courts as Sherry and I watched.

After discovering that Sarah's float was flat this spring, I bought her a new one, and it got plenty of use in the surf.
Sarah's cousin Grace is into a mermaid story of some sort that had her fascinated all week. She wrapped her blanket around her to form a mermaid's tale.
Sherry, Sarah and Grace cool of in the Beachcrest pool.
Les and Sarah play a bit of coastal paddleball.
Sherry and Sarah took this sunset selfie on our last evening there. See you next year, Seagrove!