Saturday, August 6, 2016

Hot Summer Days

We have had air conditioning issues here at our humble abode, making the office upstairs far too hot for civilized activity such as blogging, so this space has been silent for the past week. The system is functioning now, but it is in the opinion of two different HVAC men that it is time for it to be replaced. I pretty much figured that would wipe out the new car/braces fund I've been saving up all year, but it looks like it'll only take a bit more than half of it. I have oral surgery next week and have arranged for the work to be done while I am at home recuperating from it so that I won't have to miss any more work than necessary.

Sherry is at a meeting of the board of directors of the Primary Players theater group to beginning planning for their next production, which will be Aladdin Jr. She is excited to have been asked to serve as the production's stage manager, her first time serving in such an important role. They are meeting at one of the board member's parents' lake house out in Friendsville, and spouses and children have been directed to be there around noon for some fun in the sunshine.