Friday, September 23, 2016

Creech Hollow Lake

These are some pictures I took of Creech Hollow Lake that I took as I hiked along its shores last week at Montgomery Bell State Park. As you can see, the sun had just come up.
Although a short trail, only 1.7 miles, the Creech Hollow Lake trail is a picture perfect fisherman's trail. The setting is quite peaceful except for the sound of a pumping station on the far side of the lake from where I took this photo.
I got a text from Sherry as I was hiking along, so I took this selfie to send to her. I was almost to the end of the trail at this point. It is not a circular trail. You either connect to another trail within the park's trail system, or you turn around and walk back out. I did the latter.
This is a stream that feeds into the man-made lake. Looks like crawdad hunting territory to me, but I had just enough time to get my hike in, clean up and go to class.