Monday, October 3, 2016

More Roan Mountain Pictures

These are some more snapshots from last weekend in Roan Mountain State Park. As usual, I was the first one out of bed Saturday morning, so I decided to go on an early morning hike. I took a left at this sign to stay near the Doe River, but I apprehended no moonshiners.
I sat down for a break next to this miniature waterfall. It was a pleasant little spot in the woods with the sound of the water flowing down below.
I found this patch of stonecrop, which I cultivate at home, although I have only seen it a few times in the woods. It is supposed to be good luck if it grows around your house, but it heralds death and bad luck if it dies on you.
The three amigos pose for a group photo on the front porch. Tom's friend, Junior, and his wife, who live in Elk Park, North Carolina, just up the road from Roan Mountain, stopped by for a visit, and we got Junior to snap this picture of us at the cabin. Junior's wife is in the rocker in the background.
This is the view from the top of the hill near our cabin. We discovered a big new fire pit and a ring of benches around it have been built since I was up there last time. Accordingly, we built a huge bonfire Saturday night. Roan Mountain is fairly remote and far enough from city light so that you could see the Milky Way and stars in abundance.

Brush and Tracey lounge on the porch.