Saturday, October 22, 2016

Visit to Forbidden Caverns

Sarah and I went over to Sevier County during her fall break, and on the way there we decided to go through Forbidden Caverns. We've been before, but Sarah was too young then to remember it.
As with many of the commercialized caves in our area, these are well lit and very accessible. They use colored lights for extra effect.
Sarah posed with some nice flowstone in the background. (Having been an avid spelunker in my youth, I had to throw in a little speleological jargon there.)
This river runs through part of the caverns. I've camped out it a cave or two, but never in one with a river. I can imagine what a wonderful night's sleep one could have listening to that creek in the total darkness of a cave.
This is known as the Grotto of the Evil Spirits, which is perhaps less accommodating for a good night's sleep.