Monday, November 14, 2016

Fall Trip to the Camp

Sarah and I met Laura and Grace for a weekend at Grandmother and Granddaddy's cabin, the Camp, in Estill Springs. It was a perfect fall day on Saturday, and we listened to Tennessee beat Kentucky on the radio.
Laura poses at the top of the metal stairs going down to the creek. The stairs need a couple of coats of paint soon.
We have some new neighbors across the street, and they worked on the dam some, although I'm not sure about their engineering. I guess I should cut them some slack. I've got about fifty years worth of experience on them.
We've allowed the property to grow up quite a bit, mainly because the people who used to live across the creek were tearing our property up riding dirt bikes and four-wheelers on it. We need to get some bids from some landscapers about clearing away some of the brush.
Sarah and I posed for a picture on the deck.
I called Estill Springs town hall before we left home and learned that there was a ban on outdoor fires in effect, so we couldn't use the fire pit down by the creek on this trip. We did have nice fires in the fireplace both nights, and we supplemented that with heaters to stay warm overnight.