Friday, December 2, 2016

Buckberry and Mountain Springs Chalets Survive the Great Fire of 2016

Laura got word yesterday morning that both Buckberry Chalet and Mountain Springs Chalet survived the fire, despite being in Chalet Village, part of which burned. They had renters in all four of their places in Sevier County for Thanksgiving weekend, but they all checked out Sunday, before the wildfires swept the mountains there. Laura pointed out the decorative flag in the driveway at Buckberry says "In everything give thanks." Amen. Sunset Ridge and Cozy Creek are still okay, too.

Others, however, were not so lucky. The death toll and property damage numbers have been increasing as emergency personnel are able to get into more places as they clear debris. The local television stations here are giving it wall to wall coverage if you want more information. There are a lot of scary pictures and videos out there.