Monday, January 30, 2017

Food Trucks at the Justice Center

I started following the trend toward food trucks several years ago as they appeared in Nashville. I worked for three years in an office building in Metro Center, and it was all I could do to get out of my building and drive a few blocks to a fast food restaurant to have lunch within an hour. I eventually gave up and started carrying my lunch to work and have done it ever since. Since then, Knoxville has enacted ordinances to regulate its growing food truck industry, and I was happy to learn recently that Maryville has followed suit.

I'd been hoping for months that we would eventually have food trucks occasionally serve lunch at the justice center, and in December started seeing them. Local favorite Bread of Heaven was one of the first, and I'd been hoping for that ever since they started serving their delicious barbecue out of their food truck in the parking lot of the Big Lots on Hall Road in Alcoa. So far we've also had the Soup Kitchen, Jamamerican Jerk and Blair's Backwoods Barbecue. I haven't seen a schedule for February food trucks yet, but I hope they keep 'em coming.