Saturday, January 7, 2017

Snow in East Tennessee/Sun in South Florida

We had snow overnight from the system that has dumped winter weather through much of the southeast United States. Although I haven't measured, I reckon that we got between two and three inches here on Everett Hill. It is also bitterly cold out with the temperature reading 18 degrees when I went outside to take these pictures and to knock the snow off of our cars. I was only outside maybe ten minutes and was wearing my Goretex/Thinsulate gloves, and my fingers still almost froze.
This is the view looking west on Forest Avenue in front of our house. You can tell that cars have passed, but the snowplows haven't made it through yet to begin clearing it. Cars have been traveling on East Broadway since early this morning.

Sherry had to work today at her new job at Blackberry Farm in beautiful Walland. Before she started there we went to Little River Outfitters and bought her some high-tech winter gear, which she really needed. Fortunately, she has a coworker with a four-wheel drive vehicle, and they and another coworker met at the justice center and carpooled this morning.
The snow ended here about 8:00 a.m. this morning, and the sun quickly chased the worst of the clouds away. I was hoping that Sarah and I would be able to sled or build a snowman today, but the high is only going to get to 22 degrees. I don't see us wanting to stay outside long in that kind of cold, but we'll see.
Sister Leslie, meanwhile, has moved to Del Ray Beach, Florida, for the winter where she has taken residence with my old high school friend Mark Freeman, who also recently moved down there. It is just a few miles north of where Mom and Ron used to live in Deerfield Beach. I told them to be sure and have conch fritters at the Whale's Rib, where another high school friend, John Penland, took me to have them back in the 1980's. Les reports that it is 72 degrees in South Florida and that she and Mark are about to go for a walk on the beach. Nothing beats southern Florida in the winter when you know there's snow and cold weather back home.