Saturday, February 4, 2017

Cold February Morning

It is a very cold winter morning here on Maryville's Everett Hill, although overall our weather has been quite mild for the past couple of weeks for January and early February in East Tennessee. The Primary Players children's theater group is currently rehearsing for their upcoming production of Aladdin Jr., so the girls have been very busy since the holidays. The shows are at the end of the month, and the closer to showtime the more intense preparations become. Tickets and showtimes are available at the Clayton Center for the Arts, here in Maryville where the shows will be performed.

Yesterday Sherry and I attended a parents' breakfast at Maryville Junior High School, where Sarah will attend eighth grade this fall. Five of her classes are required, but she gets two electives. To no one's surprise her choices are art and drama, with Teen Living and a computer technology class as her two alternate choices. The parents' meeting was very informative, and I feel good about the level of academic rigor she will have at the junior high.

Sherry is going to help with costumes and props for the play today while I supervise Sarah and her friend, Grace, who is coming over later this morning. I'm going to wait until the sun starts to come up and then head out for groceries before the girls awaken. I'm guessing the kids will spend most of the day playing video games while I do some household chores.