Saturday, March 4, 2017

Interstate Family

Mom, Laura and Grace are down at Delray Beach, Florida, with Leslie and Mark. Mom lived in nearby Deerfield Beach for several years back in the '90's, and it has been a long time since any of us have been down in that neck of the woods. My favorite memory of the Deerfield Beach days was opening presents on Christmas morning, picking grapefruit off of the neighbor's tree to make juice for breakfast and going for a swim while breakfast was cooking. It was a nice way to do Christmas.

Back up here in Tennessee we're enjoying a quiet weekend at home after a busy theater weekend last week, although Sherry's gone out for a couple of hours to help a friend with a project. I'm going to try to make Brunswick stew from a recipe I recently found. If it turns out to be any good, I will post it here for future reference.