Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A Call at the Hemingway Home

Our first sightseeing stop in Key West was the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum. I went for the history, the girls went to visit the famed six-toed cats.
Hemingway caught this marlin, much of which was eaten by sharks before he could land it. It inspired "The Old Man and the Sea."
Hemingway did his writing in Key West in the upper room of the property's carriage house. This is a picture of that room, which you can only look into.
This is a view of the carriage house from the back corner of the property. Hemingway's second wife, Pauline, had the pool built as Hemingway was off in Europe with wife number three. Legend has it that when he learned of the expense of the pool, he took out a penny and threw it on the freshly poured concrete of the pool deck. He told his wife that since she'd spent everything else he had, she could have the last penny as well. She pushed it into the wet cement, and it is still there, though covered with plexiglass.

Hemingway was injured as a war correspondent in World War I, the Key West Art and Historical Society has his bloody uniform on display in their Custom House museum.
And finally, here's Sarah with one of the polydactyl cats that inhabit the grounds at the Hemingway home. They are all descendants of a cat named Snow White that was given to the Hemingway family by a sailing captain Ernest knew.