Wednesday, April 12, 2017

More Key West Snapshots

This is another posting of random snapshots from our spring break in lovely Key West, Florida. Sherry and Sarah really enjoyed the hotel pool with its fancy fountains.
This isn't Key West at all. It is a scene from Havana from the wall of our hotel room. With Havana only 89 miles south of Key West, it is not surprising the two islands share a history.
File this under "Things You Don't See in Tennessee." This iguana calmly walked across the pool deck and climbed into a bush near our chairs and started eating leaves. There was another, smaller iguana in his wake.
This statue welcomes visitors to the Custom House museum, which has exhibits on Hemingway, the construction of the railroad to Key West, the U.S.S. Maine. It also has some interesting local artwork.
This flower bed is in the shape of a Confederate ironclad ship. It is on the grounds of the Hemingway home, and was built by the original owner Asa Tift in 1862. The Tift brothers designed ironclad ships for the Confederacy.
This is Captain Tony's saloon, which exists in the building that held the establishment owned by "Sloppy" Joe Russell when Hemingway frequented it. I met Captain Tony when he was running for mayor of Key West, a campaign he won, and I still have the campaign poster he signed from my Mom and my stepfather Ron.
The flag of the State of Florida flies proudly on Mallory Square.