Friday, May 12, 2017

Book Review -- Boone: A Biography, by Robert Morgan

I recently enjoyed the audiobook version of Boone: A Biography, by Robert Morgan. This is one of two lengthy biographies of Daniel Boone available at our local library, and I found this one to be the better of the two. It portrays Boone as a man at his best on the edge of the frontier, blazing new paths and exploring new places, in contrast to his many business failings. As an attorney, I couldn't help but think as I read this book that Boone should have put himself in the hands of a good lawyer, especially as title to land in early Kentucky was confusing. Because I am interested in the period of history in which Boone lived, I really liked this book.

I long ago recognized that having a blog does not make one a critic, so if you want that, here's a real book review.