Wednesday, May 3, 2017

New Front Porch at the Camp

My friend Johnny and I met up at my grandparents' cabin in Estill Springs last weekend on a mission to talk to contractors and to rebuild the front porch out there, seen above in better days. It had deteriorated quite badly since that picture was taken.
The first order of business, of course, was demolition of the existing porch. Its remains are now down the hill by the fire pit for fall bonfires.
This is a view of the front door with the porch removed.
My cousin Kinsey lives in nearby Murfreesboro and drives a delivery truck in the surrounding area. He passed by the Camp on the way to make a delivery down the road and was curious about all the cars in the driveway, as we had contractors visiting when he drove by. Also, I neglected to let him know we'd be out there. Since we had contractors out all day and he was wearing his uniform when he walked up, I at first thought he was the next contractor. It was a pleasant surprise!
This project took no less than four trips to the Decherd Home Depot, the last time to replace my circular saw, which gave up the fight toward the end of the project. We ended up pouring concrete footers, although we thought at first we'd avoid it. It was a bit more work, but makes for a better foundation for the porch.
Johnny finishes up the last bit of detail work around the 4 x 4's.
This is how we left the project. We still plan to go back and build railing. We have materials to replace the lattice work, if we decide we want to do the extra work to restore the original look as Grandmother and Granddaddy always had it.