Sunday, July 30, 2017

Island Camp Out

The last time I camped out on one of my Louisville islands was the fall of 2001 while Sherry and I were dating. We returned at long last to the scene of that memorable camping adventure this week. My friend Tom, known as Brush, came in Tuesday evening and camped on the island until this morning. Our friend Terry and I came out Saturday morning, and we had a wonderful day on the island.
Brush cleaned the place up a lot before Terry and I got out there, but we cleared it out more during the day yesterday. We made good progress without wearing ourselves out.
The tree to the right has long been out landmark for our landing place on this island. At its base there now dwells a hive of bees. We aggravated them upon arrival by tossing gear on top of their colony and by chopping privet hedge with a machete. Once they got our attention we became better neighbors, thankfully without the lesson of anyone getting stung.
Brush and Terry pose for the camera with the lake in the background.
My canoe, the Enterprise, once red, is now a pinkish grey with age, but the old girl served us well and will still cross the lake at a good clip with two people paddling. May she carry us to more adventures in the near future.