Sunday, July 2, 2017

Seagrove Beach 2017 -- Tropical Storm Cindy

Here are a few pictures from our summer vacation week down in Seagrove Beach, Florida, this year. It coincided with Tropical Storm Cindy, which dumped constant rain on the coast for two days and nights before relenting. Even then, the beach was closed to swimmers every day we were down there except the first two. As you can see from the surf in the picture posted above, it was a smart decision by local authorities.
This is a shot of the flooded courtyard of Beachwood Villas taken from the condo unit we rented this year.
Sherry was thrilled at the rare occasion of having all three of her kiddoes together for a week. On one of the rainy days they went to Panama City, and these two pictures were taken there.
I hated to miss a trip to the Panama City Margaritaville restaurant, but I knew traffic would be awful. After ten hours getting down there Saturday due to congested traffic, I didn't fancy any more time in an automobile until I had to drive back home.
Laura and Grace flew in from a wedding in Canada, so Mom rode with us this year. Mark and Leslie drove up from Delray Beach, which is about the same mileage as we traveled from Tennessee. Jake rode from Nashville with Joey and Abby.